About Us

Project Kesher Israel

Project Kesher Israel was founded in 2009 and invests in leadership training to empower women in the Russian speaking community (RSC) to effect systemic change through outreach to their peers, their communities, and all of Israel.

One out of every six Israelis is a Russian speaker. PKI is the only organization in Israel that addresses the needs of Russian-speaking women through a grassroots, cost-effective model that utilizes volunteerism, technology and strong partnerships. PKI reaches hundreds of thousands through its successful social media presence. PKI’s advocacy includes: marriage freedom, the promotion of the status of women, building a more inclusive, diverse Israel, economic literacy, and Jewish education for immigrants.

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Gathering around Project Kesher Israel’s Torah with women who rarely have access.
PKI activists at the Israeli Knesset
Project Kesher Israel activists convening at the Knesset on the status of women and immigrant pension reform.
The issues of State and Religion in Israel are being taught at PKI seminars and sessions.