Special Projects

Our Special Projects

Food Delivery During COVID-19

Project Kesher Israel volunteers delivered over 100 parcels of food to Russian-speaking pensioners in time for Shabbat. Under COVID 19 restrictions, many pensioners are still homebound and cannot buy food for themselves. The packages compiled by PKI contained food that pensioners can easily cook for Shabbat (pasta, rice, buckwheat, flour, vegetables, tuna, etc.) as well as the traditional two challahs. The pensioners were overjoyed, some of them had tears in their eyes.  They thanked our volunteers and the Sephardic Home for the Aged Foundation who made this gift possible.

Environmental Workshops

Project Kesher Israel is partnering with Rabbi Yonatan Neril, one of the leaders of the Jewish sustainability movement in Israel, to teach in a webinar for PK-trained activists in Belarus, Israel, Russia, and Ukraine. There is a global Jewish women’s movement for climate action growing right here through Project Kesher Israel.

Minute of Torah Videos

On a weekly basis, Rabbi Olya Weinstein records a 1-2 minute long video on the weekly Torah portion that reflects PKI women’s values of tikkun olam, equality, women’s leadership, and more. Traditionally, only male rabbis give these weekly Torah teachings and Rabbi Olya is the first woman-rabbi to do so in the Russian speaking community. This initiative is proving to be very meaningful to our network – we have been receiving wonderful feedback from women in Israel, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Through these videos, we are reaching thousands of women around the world!

You can watch the videos here or on Facebook.

Racism Initiative

A three-part series in English and Russian addressing racism. These webinars present a special opportunity for Russian speaking women to learn about the protests happening in the US, go beyond the social media and press headlines, and hear eyewitness accounts from Project Kesher family and friends.